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Patch Cottage, 18 Oxcroft Estate, Stanfree, Chesterfield, S44 6AU

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“contemporary fabric art embroidery”

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Using designer fabrics, this abstract hanging wall art has been machine appliquéd and quilted using traditional techniques and bound with satin.

Hand beaded, embroidered and embellished with light-reflecting swarovski crystals, silver lined beads, sequins, glass beads, satin ribbon, embroidery thread, metallic chain, copper beads, seed beads,  vintage French lace and tulle.

Width 70cm (27½")
Height 200cm (6'6")
Including antique gold adjustable hanging rods and fittings.
Maximum width 93cm (36")

.....and here are a few close up photos and a video showing the colourful beading and sequins embodied in this intricate embroidery. ........ to experience the true potential of the glittering radiance that emanates from my shimmering creations, it is important you select a display position that reflects the changing light throughout the day. And then, to achieve that really stunning visual experience that is sure to captivate your visitors, project a static or, better still, rotating spotlight from above and witness the magical brilliance and sparkle that will transcend from your dazzling adornment.

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