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“contemporary fabric art embroidery”

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Framed hand beaded, embroidered and appliquéd hanging wall art

 I wish to share my inspirational journeys with you, so, without giving too much away, I will be posting close-up photos on my In My Studio page of work-in-progress. Then when completed I will post here several photos of my creations including close-ups of the detail.

I want you to be able to appreciate the complexity of my embroidery; the fact that most of the beads and sequins are individually sewn, see the fascinating surface texture formed by the different shapes of bead that I use and understand the different stitching I employ as I create the intricate shapes within my designs.

And above all I hope that by seeing all this up-close you will also appreciate the considerable time that is needed to design, select types, shapes and colours of accessories, let alone the meticulous care needed to sew the embroidery itself.  I hope you find it all fascinating and enjoy the viewing...

My resultant creations will each be framed, so you can hang them in your homes.  Display them prominently because throughout the day they interact with the changing light.  They will constantly sparkle and glitter, but at evening time they will really come alive and you and your visitors will be mesmerised by the kaleidoscope of twinkling colour that shines forth when viewed from different angles. To this extent, please view my videos on my YouTube link and watch the stunning effects.

My creations are an 'experience' not to be missed, that will surely bring a warmth and a smile to all those who set eyes on them.

The word 'Stellar' is derived from the Latin word 'Stellaris: meaning "relating to, involving, or resembling a star or stars, or comparable with stars for beauty and quality"

The creations that I am now bringing to my Stellar Collection are unique, the like of which you will see nowhere else. I am bringing to life the wonder and brilliance that paint our night sky. Each theme is an inspiring design; showing a radiance of tonal colour through my embroidering on designer fabrics with a myriad of coloured beading, sequins, crystals, chains and other accessories.

Andromeda Nova



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