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STOP PRESS - updated 24-09-2019

So, after twelve months overcoming many hurdles on the way, I've finished 'Andromeda' and having carefully packed her up, she was safely delivered to London.

I'm so pleased with what I have created: she is awesome!! There are now two months until the exhibition opens for two days to the general public who can also cast votes, culminating in the 'live' judging on the last evening.  In the meantime, 'Andromeda' will be photographed for the special publicity brochure and then taken to the exhibition hall for display.

I really cannot believe this is happening!  I've since learnt that hundreds of entries were received from around the world and this is a very prestigious event in the Embroidery calender - for me to be involved like this is beyond my wildest dreams and I'm just so thankful for all the support and encouragement I've received from so many on my journey.....thank you!

Hand and Lock invite you "to come and see the work of the top 24 embroiderers from around the world"

Thank you for your continued support and keep following me for updates.....

Added 28-08-2019

"I've just about come to terms with being chosen as one of 24 Finalists from around the world for the Hand and Lock - The Prize  competition in November. To achieve this was beyond my dreams, but it's happened and now I'm so excited as I put the finishing touches to my entry "Andromeda".

Competition rules don't allow me to reveal anything, so all I can tell you is that she has been framed and I'm adding the final touches. She is 'out of this world' but you'll have to wait until Hand & Lock reveal the Finalists submissions. Please visit instagram/handandlock and 'like' my 'Nova' they have posted.

Please keep following me on Instagram and visiting my website.

Thank you for your continued support at this amazing time......


Added 29-07-2019

As you will have read on my HOME page and elsewhere, I'm so excited to have been selected for the Final of the Hand and Lock - The Prize 2019.  I'm now in touch with my mentor, who is based in Chicago, and wait for her to help me/guide me through fine tuning of 'Andromeda' before Finals day. Please continue to follow me on this exciting journey...

Thank you for your support...

Added 27-07-2018

How are you finding this incessant heat...draining isn't it?  I must say I wish we could now have a really good downpour, but, I've been hard at it in my studio as I'm coming into the 'finishing straight' and now entering into the most exciting major part of Andromeda before I think about framing her and adding the finishing touches...

I have further updated my HOME page with a slide show of 5 new work-in-progress photos of ANDROMEDA. Look again closely at what I'm sewing now: see the beads are a bit longer in this area with intricate detail added, involving a variety of colour and shapes.  They will get longer and when completed the effect to my overall creation will be stunning and when viewed from different angles and in various lighting conditions, the sparkling radiance will be mesmerising and captivating.......

I'm getting there....Andromeda will come into view shortly.

Please watch this SPACE literally and keep visiting my Instagram page for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support....

Added 26-06-2018

" I have been very busy these last couple of months both in my garden, making the most of the beautiful weather, and in my studio planning, designing, resourcing and sewing hundreds of beads and sequins to my stunning creation.

I have updated my HOME page with a slide show of 7 new  work-in-progress photos of ANDROMEDA.  Look closely and I hope you see the intricate detail and complexity of the embroidery I am creating: each bead and sequin is individually sewn and sometimes they are overlaid to add colour variation and that amazing sparkle, creating a myriad of different textures, shapes and colours.  When viewed under different lighting and from various angles the effect is exciting, mesmerising and 'out of this world'.......

I'm now carefully completing the final embroidery work - this is bringing it all to life. It's all coming together beautifully after many hours of sewing.... I'm nearly there....Andromeda will come into view shortly.

Please watch this SPACE literally and keep visiting my Instagram page for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support.…

Added 20-03-2018

" I have updated my HOME page with 5 new  work-in-progress photos of ANDROMEDA in a slide show. I hope you begin to see the intricacies and complexity of the embroidery I am creating: each bead is individually sewn and sometimes they are overlaid to add that amazing sparkle and to create a special surface texture with a myriad of different shapes and colours.  

The overall effect that I am perfecting with Andromeda will enthrall you, even more so than NOVA who's video has now been viewed over 8000 times!!  Both of these creations will add that special effect to your home decor and create a mesmerising experience for your family and friends who set their eyes upon them...

I hope to finish Andromeda shortly and have her framed ready to launch on my website.

Please visit my ETSY  shop window too; my beautiful creations are displayed for you..… and watch this SPACE literally and keep visiting my  Instagram page and my website for further updates

Thank you for your continued support....

Added 13-03-2018

"I have updated my HOME page with a new background depicting some of my intricate sparkling embroidery. Now follow my work-in-progress on a slide show and click on the link to MY COLLECTIONS.  Andromeda is developing beautifully and will surely be a wonderful, dazzling, sparkling addition to my portfolio.

I'm both amazed and thrilled that my Instagram video of NOVA  has been viewed by more than 6,900 visitors as I write this.... perhaps someone will give her a home?!

Please watch this SPACE literally and keep visiting my Instagram page for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support....

Added 26-02-2018

"I'm really delighted with your reaction to my first creation NOVA in my Stellar Collection. I've received many views here on my website and also on Instagram and the videos on YouTube. I hope you have enjoyed studying the intricacies of my embroidery and seeing the stunning sparkling interaction that emanates from her when viewed in differing light and angles.....I hope soon she will grace someone's home and give much pleasure to many who see her...

......and I'm now taking you a little further on our space adventure by showing you a few more detailed work-in-progress photos of ANDROMEDA ...we are nearly there!!

And now, some further very exciting 'breaking-news'! I'm looking into marketing a range of exclusive PCD features and additions to my Stellar creations in the form of prints, postcards and general purpose cards; using the best photographs and transforming them into beautiful items that you can send to your family and friends for a variety of occasions.

Please keep visiting my Instagram page and this website for further updates. Thank you for your continued support...".

Added 15-02-2018

"I'm really delighted to at last have completed my first creation NOVA in my Stellar Collection. Please study her closely to see the complexity and intricacy of my design and embroidery. But most of all view all the photos I've added and the video, with music, on YouTube to see the stunning sparkling effect that emanates from her when viewed from differing angles when displayed in daylight, safely by candlelight and under bright lights. Even in darkness, a peep of light produces a sparkle.... NOVA will be a captivating and dramatic addition to your interior decor and mesmerise your visitors...I hope someone will welcome her into their home and give her pride of place...

I also am giving you a glimpse of ANDROMEDA which is well underway and will soon also be For Sale...

Please keep visiting my Instagram page and this website for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support....


Added 24-01-2018

"I'm really enjoying being back in my studio after the Christmas/New Year break and the latest creation to be added to My Stellar Collection is well underway. Please visit my IN MY STUDIO page and see a few photos of my sewing-in-progress.

This is an intricate design requiring a perspective giving depth to the subject matter, but it's also providing me with the opportunity to try new embroidery skills and to work with many of the varied colourful beads, sequins and other accessories that I have at my fingertips; all coming together to provide another dramatic sparkling creation to adorn your homes.

'Nova' has been framed and will be photographed and on sale this space..

Please keep visiting my Instagram page and this website for further updates.

Thank you for your continued support....”

Added 06-01-2018

"A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my followers and new browsers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

As I mentioned before, 2017 has been the year where I have found the embroidery niche I have been seeking and I now have so many ideas for designs and intricate techniques coming to mind, meaning 2018 is going to be a very exciting year.

I have been resourcing fabulous fabrics and accessories. My studio has been further refurbished with new equipment, so all in all I can't wait to start making colourful, sparkling, eye catching, intricate creations in contemporary fabric art embroidery for you to have in your homes to enhance your interior design.

See my new MY CREATIONS page showing the embroidered cushion/pillow I made as a Christmas gift. More of these will follow in due course.

My first 'Stellar' creation 'Nova', in MY COLLECTIONS, has been framed and is now awaiting photography. Early in the new year it will be shown here and ready for this space!

So, in the coming months be prepared to see some stunning creations, which I hope you will enjoy and perhaps you will be tempted to adopt them into your homes.... I hope so!

Thank you for your continued support and please keep browsing my website....and CONTACT ME about anything if you wish.

Added 18-12-2017

"A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my followers! It has been an amazing year in my studio in so far as I have found the embroidery niche I have been seeking and now so many ideas are coming to mind that means 2018 is going to be a very exciting year.

I have been experimenting with different techniques and resourcing fabulous fabrics, together with beautiful beads, sequins and other accessories. My studio has been refurbished with new equipment.

I have also prepared several exciting designs for my 'Stellar Collection' and you will see a wide variety of creations emerging.... So all in all I can't wait to welcome in the New Year and really begin to increase my portfolio and make available to you stunning contemporary fabric art embroidery to hang in your homes to enhance your interior design.

Thank you for your support and watch this space...

I wish you all a VERY HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR...!!!

Added 22-11-2017

Since my last update a month ago, when I put my first Creation up for sale, I have been encouraged by the interest shown in it on my website, my Etsy page and Instagram. I have several followers now and many others come and go, but I feel I am getting known!!  Please 'share' my posts and 'pass me' on if you know of family or friends interested in my work.

I'm just hoping that soon someone will see the brilliance of my complex embroidery and purchase it for their home. In order to enhance this quality more, I have now added some new 'sparkly' photos and videos.  It is amazing how my Creations come alive when hung in a well lit area with the addition of static or rotating spotlights; the glistening, glimmering and sparkling affect is stunning. Please visit My Creations and YouTube and see the results.

Now for more exciting news! I have decided to start a new page My Collections and the first will be called 'My Stellar Collection'. Please visit the page and read more. You will have noted that another hallmark is my inspired embroidery designs completed in rich colourful, sparkling, shimmering beading, sequins, chains and other accessories; I have an Aladdin's Cave of treasures ready to adorn my striking galactic designs. I have nearly completed my first one: named "NOVA". A preliminary photo and videos are shown and shortly I will publish it 'framed' and ready For Sale. so keep visiting my website, Etsy page and follow me on Instagram.

.....and I am already planning my 2018 programme when I will have a few special surprises to show you in addition to further exciting Creations and Collections.  Don't forget I have an interesting archives on my journey which you can visit.  Thank you...

Added 17-10-2017

I'm delighted to tell you all that my first creation is now up FOR SALE with close up photos as well. I hope you like it.  It has taken many hours of intricate embroidery work, but I'm pleased with the end result and I'm sure it will be a stunning interior design feature in someone's home.

I'm also proud to announce that I have opened a shop on Etsy, so please visit and read all about it.

I have now completed the move into my new studio and I've added two photos to IN MY STUDIO, please have a look.

I'm now working on my next creation which, hopefully, will not take so long. It is a different idea to my Peacock Feather, so watch this space.

I must just say 'thank you' to my friend Lisa Birt for taking the photographs. She has her own professional photography business, Lisa Birt Photography, and can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for your continued support and please do feel free to Contact Me with any question you might have.

Added 18-09-2017

"My first contemporary fabric art embroidery creation is completed and will be on sale soon. I am just completing the photography and marketing links. It really is an exciting time as I definitely have found where I want to be and I have several ideas for my next ventures already in mind. So, watch this space as I incorporate exotic styles and stunning designs in my forthcoming creations..

Please browse my re-structured website too..

Thank you for your patience and continued support."

Added 16-08-2017

“Hello again to all my supporters wherever you may be! Yes, I'm back and welcoming you to the preliminary launch of my re-structured website with all my latest news. My website designer is still working on further ideas, so look out for more exciting developments here in due course.

 I have had an inspiring few months pursuing my new direction into 'haute fabric art embroidery' and I now know this is the medium where my sewing skills really come alive. I am employing various sewing techniques, resourcing fabulous fabrics and a veritable Aladdin's Cave of beautiful beads, sequins and accessories; all of which I'm applying to my imaginative creative designs.  Every day I have new ideas, so these are exciting days and I will be sharing my progress with you through this website and Instagram.  I have closed my Facebook page.

You can see some 'work-in-progress' photos in the montage on my HOME page. My first creation is nearly finished and all will be revealed in two to three weeks time!

I have also introduced a new page IN MY STUDIO where I will show you some of the materials, accessories  and other aspects of my work, so you can understand more about the items I'm creating.

And just for interest, I've added an ARCHIVES which includes all my previous work; somewhat different to what I'm doing now, but nevertheless important, as without that experience I would not have arrived at the point where I am now and for that I'm very grateful to all those who have supported me....thank you!

So, please join me on my new journey. Contact me if you wish and watch this space as my new creations are launched..."